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Educators, Students, Authors, and Parents!

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Educators Engines of Learning!

Quiz.Net help educators to be more effective teachers
On Quiz.Net, teachers spend more time on what is more important, focus on quality education

Spend less time grading scores, do assignments etc

Spend less time on reporting and follow-ups

Are you concerned about limited bandwidth and manpower?

Do you want to expand beyond you current capacity?

Quiz.Net can help you achieve these goals

Quiz.Net (Formerly Quizictionary) helps educators to reduce many fixed and variable costs

We value your time. We help you save time, which in-turn helps reduce costs significantly

Realtime grading and reporting takes guesses out of the learning process

Help your students get real-time feedaback and sophisticated reports

We remove geographical barriers by providing state-of-the-art online tools

Expand to global audience

Education Powerhouses Content Authors

We offer educational content authors best in the class tools to create very rich and sophisticated
study material. creates high quality educational and scientific documentation

And make an earning while doing it!

Create educational content in the form of Quizzes, Videos, images, or plain-and-simple documentation.

Limited only by your imagination, we believe nothing is impossible!

Quizzes can be created, which people expect as part of any standardized test

Create multiple choice options or text based reponses. Use enhanced editors to embed images, videos, rich text and so on

Create flash cards, with equal ease and power. We have ensured accessibility is key part of this features and which would be improved continously to support more and more people

Author's content is offered through a quiz marketplace

Highly rated contents has automatic enhanced visibility

We help content authors to expand their customer base gloablly


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